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Effect of discount concurrency mode on Retail promotion

Hi Guys, this post focuses on the working of “discount concurrency mode” field in the Retail promotions. I have taken a simple example of 3 retail promotions providing 40%, 30% and 20% discount on a single item. You will see the behavior of the promotions on the basis of discount concurrency mode. you can download the excel from the hyperlink and see it in action. Read more…


Vendor catalog import

Hi Guys, this is my first blog post and I have started with the Procurement section. In this blog you will be going through a complete cycle of the Vendor catalog import process in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Creating and maintaining procurement catalogs that company employees can use when they order items or services for internal use is one of the major tasks in Procurement and Sourcing. This can be done in several ways.

  1. Vendor catalog data can be added to the product master manually;
  1. The catalog can be hosted externally or
  1. It can be imported from a Catalog Maintenance Request (CMR) file.

We will be looking into the CMR file import process in AX 2012.

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GOA Trip


Goa continues to enthrall visitors with its beaches and the overall atmosphere. With so many hotels and holiday packages to choose from travel and with so many decisions to make sometimes planning for a holiday could also seem like work! And we have not even started talking about what to pack!

First you have to decide which part of GOA you want to visit. I have recently visited North GOA for a duration of 3-4 days and I will share my vacation experience with you so you can plan better while you plan for GOA.

There is a checklist which you need to make before any vacation. Lets start with, what you need to pack.
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