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Effect of discount concurrency mode on Retail promotion

Hi Guys, this post focuses on the working of “discount concurrency mode” field in the Retail promotions. I have taken a simple example of 3 retail promotions providing 40%, 30% and 20% discount on a single item. You will see the behavior of the promotions on the basis of discount concurrency mode. you can download the excel from the hyperlink and see it in action.  Effect of discount concurrency mode on Retail promotion

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3 thoughts on “Effect of discount concurrency mode on Retail promotion

  1. can anybody tell me if a person has 2 years experience in MS dynamics retail functional,and switching to another company what are the expected questions could be asked to him during interview .Can anybody share the expected questions that will be asked.

  2. Pradhan on said:

    Hi Sumit,

    I have a requirement of manually applying a periodic discount code to a selected line. Hence i have done a discount barcode setup. But in this case it applies the discount to all the applicable lines valid under that discount code when the code is entered manually at POS.

    If a item is applied a discount of 15% through(disccode-1) and after that i apply a discount code (disccode-2) which is 50% , it overrides the earlier discount code as it find best the second one. But customer wants to control and apply the discount manually irrespective of Ax’s best offer.

    Can you pls guide me how to achieve this.


    • Hi Rajkumar,
      For the first part of your question – When you apply any periodic discount to the POS transaction, it does not get applied to a specific line or it does not apply to the selected line at POS sales transaction screen, but the offer checks all the items in the sales transaction and then apply the discount on the item which is configured in the Periodic discount setup in AX. Now if you want to give line discount to a selected line item in the POS transaction, then select the line and apply manual discounts.

      For the second part of your question – The discount concurrency code controls the way Multiple discount offer applies to the sales transaction. Now in your case check the discount concurrency mode, if you want to have both 15 and 50 % on the same line then set the discount concurrency mode to compunded.

      Let me know if you were able to get the appropriate solution.

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