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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail

AX 2012 R3 Retail and eCommerce Licensing Guide

 Hi Guys, this blog post will provide you the information about the licensing for the Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail R3 version. I found an interesting white paper on the licensing for Retail R3 and though of sharing with all those AX for Retail consultant who want to get some information on new and simplified pricing and licensing model specifically designed for retail and eCommerce configurations.

There are three separate licensing configurations for Retail R3:

  • Traditional Store (Brick and mortar store)
  • Mobile POS
  • eCommerce

There are basically 2 types of licensing models:

  • Server + CAL Licensing  – This licensing will be utilized by Traditional Store (Brick and mortar store) and Mobile POS.
  • Per Core Licensing – This licensing will be utilized by eCommerce

Below are the pricing that will go into effect for retail and eCommerce configurations. The below pricing information is fetched from the Microsoft partnersource and subject to change.

  1. Retail configurations:
    • All store locations will need to license a Store Server, priced at $1,200. This new Store Server SKU provides access to the following new capabilities:
      1. Local caching for offline use of data
      2. Centralization of POS in the store.
      3. Local management of items such as promotions
    • The Task CAL continues to provide rights to operate a Point of Sale Device. The new price for the Task Device CAL on August 1st will be $600. Please note that the price of the Task User CAL will remain the same.
  2. eCommerce configurations:
    • To access the eCommerce functionality customers must license based on the number of cores in the server. The new Commerce Server SKU provides access for 2 cores and is priced at $28,000. The number of core licenses needed depends on whether you are licensing the physical server or individual virtual Operating System Environments (OSEs).

Go through the Retail licensing guide (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Retail Licensing Scenarios Brief) and pricing guide (AX2012R3RetailLicensingAnnouncement) for detailed information. Hope this will help you understand the licensing and pricing for Retail scenarios.


Disclaimer: The information in the weblog is provided “AS IS”; with no warranties, and confers no rights. All blog entries and editorial comments are the opinions of the author.

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2 thoughts on “AX 2012 R3 Retail and eCommerce Licensing Guide

  1. Hi Sumit,

    Thanks for sharing the good information.

    Please confirm that if I am having a “Task Device CAL” for a store and using the POS on a windows desktop machine (not any specific POS hardware). Can I also use AX client at the same machine for store manager Role?

    Anticipated thanks for responding.

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