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Troubleshooting Commerce Data exchange- Async Server & Async client in Dynamics AX for Retail R3

Hi Guys, this blog post will provide you the troubleshooting procedure for Async Server and Async Client for data distribution in Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail R3. Commerce Data Exchange: Async Server is part of the asynchronous system that shares data between the Microsoft Dynamics AX database and channel databases. Async Server is installed at headquarters and communicates with Microsoft Dynamics AX. In addition to Async Server, Commerce Data Exchange includes Commerce Data Exchange: Async Client, which is installed at channels and communicates with the channel database.

You might be working on the Demo VM or pre-installed AX 2012 R3 machine and found out that the data distribution is not working. Follow the below procedure in order to fix this issue.

Configure the Retail Scheduler parameters:

In Microsoft Dynamics AX client, go to Retail module >> Setup >> Parameters >> Retail Scheduler Parameters >> General Tab. Enter the details.

  • Server Name : The name of the computer that hosts the message database for Async Server (if you are working on Demo VM then type
  • Database Server Instance : The name of the SQL Server instance that hosts the message database for Async Server.
  • Database Name : The name of the message database for Async Server. (if you are working on Demo VM then  type ASyncServerHeadOffice (matching the HO message DB name in SQL))


Click the Sync Metadata button. If it is successful then it is configured correctly.



Configure the IIS

Within IIS, check the following items:

  • On the ASyncServerSite application pool click on “Bindings” on the right hand side.
  • In the HTTPs connection (if you are using Demo VM then port 8303) click Edit. Ensure the hostname field is blank. Check the SSL certificate(If working in Demo VM change it from Retail to “AX2012R2A” in the dropdown). Close out of that window.



  • Restart the IIS server.

(we might have to turn on directory browsing on both the ASyncServer site and the ASyncServerSite app pool as well)


Check the Test connection :

Open the ASyncServerConfigurationUtility.exe for the store you wish to troubleshoot in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX\Common\60\CDX .

The Async server connection tab:

  • Check the server name. (If working with Demo VM, change the server name from to Confirm the application name is ASyncServer. Port should be 8303 , if using demo VM. Make sure the Server name is in format or


  • The channel database ID, username and PW should match the values within the Retail module >> Setup >> Retail Scheduler >> Channel Integration >> Channel Database.

The channel configuration tab:

  • Configure the Server Names and Database names respectively for the message/channel DBs.
  • Message DB: Server name/ ASyncClientSeattleStore
  • Channel DB: Server name / RetailSeattleStore

Test all the connections, they should all work. If all the test connections work out, make sure you go to Services and restart the service.

Run the scheduler Job :

Go to Microsoft Dynamics AX client, test a distribution job to see if it works (ie. 1010). You can consult the Retail > Inquiries > CDX > “Download Session” form. The status should be started.

I hope this blog will help you troubleshoot the data distribution – Async Server and Async client. It would be great if you can share any other issues with the Data distribution in AX 2012 R3 and the resolution for the same.

You can leave a comment if you still face an issue with the data distribution in Dynamics AX 2012 R3.


Disclaimer: The information in the weblog is provided “AS IS”; with no warranties, and confers no rights. All blog entries and editorial comments are the opinions of the author.

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  1. Can you talk about the working folders and security, the message databases – what gets communicated back and forth through there and database change tracking

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