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Inventory Lookup screen and Store locator group assignment in AX 2012 R3 POS

Hi Guys, this blog is related to the most simple form in POS. Untill now I was under impression that the Inventory lookup just utilize the Real time service to show the Inventory for the Retail stores, but I discovered a new feature in AX 2012 R3 to restrict the number of stores in the Inventory lookup screen. You might have experienced an issue that the stock is not showing up for other stores on Inventory lookup screen at POS. The Inventory lookup screen is blank.

You might have seen the Store locator group form under Retail >> Setup >> Store locator group , this form can be used to restrict the number of stores on the Inventory lookup screen at POS.


Instead of showing all the stores in the Inventory lookup screen , create a group and attach all the Retail stores (brick and mortar stores). Now this groups needs to be attached to the Retail store under Retail Store >> Setup tab >> Setup action pane >> Store locator group assignment. If this assignment is not available then the Inventory lookup screen will be blank.

Also add the longitude and latitude information under Internal Organization >> (Select your retail channel) >> Address. This is a required setup for the Inventory lookup to show the stores on the ePOS and mPOS Inventory lookup screen. Run the scheduler job N – 1070 Channel configuration and N-1010 and check if the selected store is available on the Inventory lookup screen.

Inventory transactions plays a vital role in the Inventory lookup screen. After the above configuration if you still cannot see the Stores in the list then there must be no transactions for the item in the respective stores/Warehouse. The fact that the Inventory lookup should show the inventory irrespective of the quantity on-hand for each store is not in the design. If there is no transaction for any item in a store then that store will not be visible in the Inventory lookup screen even if the store is in the Store locator group. This design is very helpful if you want to see the Inventory lookup for the stores where this item is currently in sale.


Hope this will help you resolve the Inventory lookup issue and understand the Inventory lookup operation. Keep posting if you face any issues.

Enjoy RetailDaxing…..


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14 thoughts on “Inventory Lookup screen and Store locator group assignment in AX 2012 R3 POS

  1. Dear All,
    I can see the inventory but not on Real-time bases, inventory is not matching.

  2. Amajd Khan on said:

    Hi Sumit,

    I facing a weird issue, when i lookup for an inventory on POS, It shows POS can not switch to the offline mode.
    There is no offline POS configures. More importantly, it will bring the data for other store, but some how it fails to bring the inventory value of current store.

    Please advise!

    Amjad Khan

    • It shows the inventory value on the right side of the screen below the item name. For Offline issue, it might be due to load on store server the POS fails to connect and trying to switch offline. Even if you don’t have offline DB configured, it will still try to switch to offline if connectivity with the online DB fails.

  3. Hello Sumit,

    I have created store locator groups according to my requirement and accordingly i have updated the stores with the store locator group as per your post.

    I have pushed N-1070 job but still the Inventory lookup shows all the stores and working as expected.
    Also as the above job didn’t worked,i pushed all jobs for verification but still no luck.

    Am i missing something ?
    Kindly help.

  4. I am facing this issue as well. i can’t few few stores on inventory lookup form, transaction service profile is working fine and i have added the store in store locator as well :/

    • So the stores which are not showing up on POS, Are they attached with warehouse. Are they from the same legal entity?
      Also make sure when you have created a store locator group in AX you have replicated the same at POS, to make sure check the POS database for the store locator group tables. Let me know if you still need any help.

      • actually its the main warehouse that I want to be appeared on pos, so what I did was that I created a retail channel of it and attached that warehouse with the store I created. Its from the same legal entity and yes they are from the same legal entity.

        How can I make sure that the same has been replicated to the POS can you please guide me on it a bit ?

      • Check the RetailStoreTable, that the warehouse attached to it has been replicated or not.
        Then once you have created the Store locator group. Check the POS database.
        Open SQL and select the POS database.
        Click on new query
        write the select statement on the RETAILSTORELOCATORGROUP, RETAILSTORELOCATORGROUPMEMBER, RETAILSTORELOCATORGROUPOWNER tables. It should have the same data as it is in AX database.

      • And one hting more, i can view that warehouse when i go to pick up form on the sales order screen on pos but its not appearing on inventory lookup screen

  5. Moises on said:


    I’m configure a retail R3 store on a local machine, I dont have the contoso data base, I charge all the data on the base, but I dont have information on invetory look up

    All the configurations are ok incluiding the Store Locator Group Assigment, I sync all the jobs and check te Real Time Service and this is OK.

    Can ypu help me?

    • Hi Moises,
      Are you facing issue on Inventory lookup?
      Are you getting real time transaction service issue on Inventory lookup screen at POS or Inventory lookup screen is blank?

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