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Issue Gift card for Free in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Hi Guys,

In this blog post we will have a walk-through on how to Issue gift cards that should be charged to the Customer. I came across such requirement and thought of sharing the same with you all. We can achieve this in many ways by workarounds and no customization.


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Inventory Model Group’s Check Boxes in AX 2012

An impressive explanation !!!

Parashar's Blog On AX

Hi All,

It’s been long time; at last I got some time now to write another blog on AX. Today in this blog, we will discuss one of the most important form in AX, the form that we DAXers come across each and every day. Yes I am taking about the Item Model Group form where there presents few check-boxes. Let us explore some of the important check boxes of this form.  Without wasting much time on the introduction, let us come to the topic.

I am not going to the definition of the item model group; hope that all of us know that. Let us now discuss each of the check boxed one by one. I will try to explain each of them in easy words. Below is the screen shot of the Item model Group form:-


Let’s start with the left hand side from the top:-

  • Stocked Product


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