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Troubleshooting: Loyalty points showing ‘0’ on Customer screen at MPOS

Hi Guys,

In this blog, I would like to share my experience regarding the Loyalty points at mPOS. Once you have configured the Loyalty program and Loyalty card against the Customer, you start accruing the points and redeeming it according to the loyalty scheme defined.

NOTE : Refer my blog to configure loyalty program.

The loyalty points available against the loyalty card can be seen on Customer screen at mPOS as shown below.


Now in some cases you may see that even if you are accruing points, the Loyalty points is showing ‘0’ zero value on mPOS. This is because the Loyalty reward point against which the points are getting accumulated have the Redeemable checkbox unchecked as shown below.Screen3.jpg

Just to show you the difference I managed to uncheck the Redeemable check box for the Loyalty reward point. Now let’s see what it shows on mPOS.Screen4.jpg

So it is clear that in order to show the Loyalty points on mPOS, you have to check the ‘Redeemable’ check-box against the Loyalty reward point for which you are accruing the Loyalty points.

So now you know how you can fix the issue for Loyalty points display at mPOS. Do like the post and comment if you are facing any issue in the Loyalty process.

Enjoy RetailDAXing…

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5 thoughts on “Troubleshooting: Loyalty points showing ‘0’ on Customer screen at MPOS

  1. Hi Sumit,

    Hope you are well.

    I have another issue regarding loyalty tier calculation…

    I created a programme with all configuration required (Loyalty Programme, Loyalty Scheme, Loyalty Reward Point, Date Intervals, Price Groups and Discount). The issue that I’m having is that the tiers are not applying correctly on the loyalty cards. The loyalty programme is configured with 2 tiers and each tier has a tier rule. The first tier’s rule has minimum points issued of 0, as everyone who joins the programme will start in this tier. The second tier’s rule has a minimum points issued of 2. The earning rule in the Loyalty scheme is set to 1 transaction = 1 point earned.

    The idea of this loyalty programme is that tier 2 must be applied on the card only after the card did 2 transactions… (That’s why tier 2 has Minimum points issued as 2)…

    The issue is, tier 2 gets applied to the card after doing only 1 transaction. This should not happen as on the Loyalty card form, the Issued and Available points = 1.

    This is on AX 2012 R3 CU9.

    Have you heard of an issue like this or maybe an explanation? This is not a config mistake.


  2. Hi, first of all thanks for the post. In my case Updating Loyalty program tiers for the given card or all of them is not working. I can see few cards have achieved required points to be qualified for upper tiers.

    Tired updating individual cards by selecting Update program tiers in the given loyalty card form and by batch for all cards but didn’t went through. Is there any hotfix required for my environment R3 CU11

  3. This is the customer card as shown in AX7 and not AX 2012 R3 right ? How can i see points on Customer card on AX 2012 R3? Do you have any idea ?

    • This is the Customer card in mPOS in AX 2012 R3. Currently there is no option to view Loyalty points on Customer Card in AX client but you can see the Loyalty points in the Loyalty card form. Retail >> Common >> Loyalty >> Loyalty Cards.

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