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ePOS Performance | Offline sync service utilizing 100% CPU usage

Hi Guys, You might have viewed my last blog on ePOS | Retail Implementation using SQL Express which will help you in reducing the Database size when dealing with SQL Express. In this blog I would like to explain further on the performance issues that occurs even after reducing the Database size. One of them is “Offline sync service utilizing 100% CPU usage”.

As I earlier said, Retail implementation becomes challenging, when you enable offline mode.



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ePOS | Retail Implementation using SQL Express

Hi Guys, in this blog I want to share my experience regarding use of SQL express for ePOS (Enterprise POS) – Online Database and Offline Database. The experience is from my recent Dynamics AX Retail project having 300 stores with nearly 620 terminals all using SQL express for Online and Offline Database.

Few of the issues which we faced were –

  • DB size growing
  • 100% CPU usage
  • Slowness in Retail operations


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