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Configure Buy one Get One free (BOGO) offer in AX 2012 Retail

Hi Guys, This blog post is relevant to the Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail periodic discount. We will focus on getting the BOGO offer configure for the stores. This is an usual requirement from all the Retail scenarios to have BOGO free offer. Sometimes it is achieved buy configuring the Retail periodic discounts to get 50% off on each item when 2 qty is selected for the same item. But here we will configure it to get 100% off on a single item and another item to have 100% price. This way it is easier to determine which item is getting what promotions. We will discuss multiple methods of achieving this scenario.

For Example : We have item 0001 and the requirement is to configure BOGO free offer such that when we add 2 quantity of 0001 , 100% discounts will be applied to 1 qty and other qty to have 0% discount.

Method 1 : Using least expensive feature in Mix and Match discount

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