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ePOS | AX 2012 R3 | Declare starting amount using multiple currency

Hi Guys, Hope you are keeping up with RetailDAXing. In last few weeks I got many questions on “how to declare start amount in multiple currency“. Although this is not something which is provided out of box at POS, but I will show you how to achieve this with minor customization.
NOTE: We will only go through the functional side of this enhancement. You need to discuss this with your DEV team for Customization.

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Retail Configuration | Copy from Source to Destination environment in AX 2012 R3

Hi Guys,

In this blog, we are going to see, how can we copy different setups from one environment to another, without any development. You might have come across the different tool to transfer the data from Test to PROD environment, but here we will have a look at the most simple tool i.e “Definition group”.

With “Definition groups”, you can export a single table or group of tables (for a particular set of configuration), that can be directly imported in the destination environment. The “Definition groups” when exported create DAT and DEF file which is required at the time of import. However during import you only select the DAT file. Read more…

AX 2012 R3 Retail and eCommerce Licensing Guide

 Hi Guys, this blog post will provide you the information about the licensing for the Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail R3 version. I found an interesting white paper on the licensing for Retail R3 and though of sharing with all those AX for Retail consultant who want to get some information on new and simplified pricing and licensing model specifically designed for retail and eCommerce configurations.

There are three separate licensing configurations for Retail R3:

  • Traditional Store (Brick and mortar store)
  • Mobile POS
  • eCommerce

There are basically 2 types of licensing models:

  • Server + CAL Licensing  – This licensing will be utilized by Traditional Store (Brick and mortar store) and Mobile POS.
  • Per Core Licensing – This licensing will be utilized by eCommerce

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